Josh Russotto has been a trainer with Millburn Soccer Club since 2013. He has trained many different level teams and each team has truly benefited from his knowledge and training as Josh takes a lot of pride in developing players for the next level by improving their skills, technique and soccer IQ. As a result of their time with Josh each player is better equipped to compete at a higher level.

Another area of focus for Josh is team development, as he views this as a prime area for improvement. Many of the teams that he picked up lacked team shape, organization or understanding of the game, but he also teaches the principles of the game. This is truly an area of strength for Josh and one of the points that sets him apart from other coaches.

While coaching, Josh does spend a lot of time working on player development while not forgetting that winning and making it fun does help the overall soccer experience. I think he ultimately wants to teach his players to be good teammates and he incorporate the values of all the great cultures and soccer programs that were a part of his development into a college soccer player. On the sidelines I often hear a lot of the following words Respect, Work Ethic, Commitment, Responsibility, Character, Kindness, Pride, Empathy, FUN!
— Scott R. Barishaw President, Millburn Soccer Club
Josh has been the trainer for my son’s U11 team for the last 2 years. The team has improved dramatically over that period. He has worked with them to improve their skill and technical ability significantly. He also continues to teach them about the game and tactical formations. In the winter, he introduced a futsal program, which helped with the boys footwork and creative dribbling. Josh has been a positive influence on the boys and they continue to get better under him.

As the director of coaching for the club, I have seen Josh take on many teams and guide them to success. He has trained a number of the boys teams in the club and all have gotten better under him. All of the teams that he has trained have gotten better skillwise, including dribbling, passing, shooting, moving on and off the ball, and knowing the game. He has been a tremendous asset to the club.
— Matt O'Neill, Director of Coaching Millburn Soccer Club